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Nathan Axford
Olivier Tjon


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The Holistic Holy Grail

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Drink from the Holistic marketing cup, and live forever?

Is it that simple - or does decision science tell another story?


Olivier Tjon is an expert in sharpening brand propositions to become highly effective. In the 90s he built a reputation with hallmark non-conventional projects for majors in the content industry : Universal, Warner, Sony Playstation. Followed by high profile brands: Virgin Airlines, Diesel Jeans, Coke Light, British American Tobacco, Mondelez,… & AB-Inbev where he met Nathan.

Nathan Axford has been designing brand strategies for 21 years, 17 of those on the corporate side starting at AB-INBEV & ending the journey as Global Marketing & Comms Director at Orangina Schweppes then DHL.

Olivier's & Nathan's work in the field of Neuro-marketing,  Implicit Motivations & Decision Science lead to the creation of Beyond Reason - currently amongst Europe’s fastest growing neuro-marketing consultancies, servicing some of the world largest brands and agencies, on a domestic, European or global scale.


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