CEO Scale Up , Administrator Färm

Van Cauwelaert



Room 3


Thematic Stage Retail

About this speaker

Aude Mayence will introduce this guest speaker tackling how meaningful marketing can be applied in the Retail Sector.

Radically engaged, how to meet the expectations of the new climate activist generation - Case Färm 


Consumers today are extremely demanding and no company can underestimate the radical change we are facing. Olivier Van Cauwelaert is convinced that being an active player in the modern world today is driven by conceiving differently the business in terms of social, economic and environmental impact.


With a strong background in retail and communication (Wunderman), Olivier has co-launched the Färm concept in Belgium. He is also CEO of Scale-Up, an impact fund whose mission is to help companies to develop innovative ideas, explore new markets and build economic and governance models aimed at the emergence of a more equitable, sustainable and participatory world in the food sector.

Olivier believes that it is possible to make sustainability go hand-in-hand with profitability.


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