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Van Cauwelaert


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The Pangolin’s revenge

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We have gone too far in destroying our ecosystems. 

The Covid pandemic is clearly warning us that we are immorally exploiting human life!

We now need to commit to changing our paradigm and consume differently! This is the reason why färm’s chose the following baseline: “Changing the world by eating”.

We can take a radical turn about how to change our food consumption habits. This is the social project that we have chosen to build with färm!


Olivier Van Cauwelaert is a sustainable and social entrepreneurship catalyst who has worked for over 25 years in operational areas such as sales, marketing and communication. He has helped many businesses and organisations with their commercial strategy, change management and the implementation of solutions which are creative and highly efficient. “Having been at the business end of integrated communications companies, I very early on gained an overall view of the economic issues they face. The importance of social and relational issues as well as environmental responsibilities soon became obvious to me. I want to help businesses see how by reducing their environmental footprint and increasing their positive social impact, they can make their long-term strategy both coherent, efficient and meaningful.


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