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About this speaker

Pieter Daelman will introduce this guest speaker tackling the building blocks Holistic & Collaboration of the Meaningful Marketing Framework.

The Meaningful Marketing Framework has been developed by BAM as a holistic manifesto and a prototype for companies to evaluate themselves. These tools should allow organisations to look at their current positioning and, with the marketer as a guide, to map out a route based on the values and trends of tomorrow. Click here for more info. 

  • Holistic: A broad view on the organisation and its ecosystem expanding its vision further than its own departments
  • Collaboration: Facilitation of open-minded thinking and co-creation


Why corporate culture is a strategic goal?


Protime has embarked on journey that is making it the organization of the future.  Built on Employee Engagement and a strong company culture.  During his keynote, Peter s’Jongers, founder and ceo of Protime, will elaborate on the journey that took place, the reasons for it and how you can benefit from it within your organization.   Protime is now elected 12 times as a ‘Great Place to Work’ in Belgium, The Netherlands and Europe. It is listed by Deloitte as one of the ‘Best Managed Companies’ in 2017 and 2018.  Being the market leader in workforce management, serving s more than 4.000 customers with 300 employees in several countries, Protime is thé reference when it comes to the ROI of a powerful company culture.


Peter s’Jongers (1969), Founder and CEO of Protime.  Author of the book ‘Proud’, a story about the power of a strong company culture (2019)


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