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Accurate on-line targeting through powerful location data!

About the workshop

We would like to show you how can you target your clients(!) in the on-line world and differentiate your offering based on the client profiles. The profiling is a combination of your CRM data and accurate location data which allow you to find out much more about them than you may think.
Together with our partner GIM, we have developed a unique segmentation model that profiles your clients into 15 distinct audiences.
EDM is Benelux partner to Google and therefore able to bridge CRM data with digital advertising.

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Peter has been active in consumer and data marketing for almost 30 years. During his career, he has seen the evolution from traditional off-line mass marketing to tailored 360° communication; from one-size-fits-all advertising to consumer oriented content; from mass acquisition towards intelligent CRM and loyalty.
From 2002 to 2018, he has mainly been working internationally, supporting large clients such as P&G in deploying its consumer centric programs across Europe. Since 2018 Peter is the Managing Director of EDM, market leader in The Netherlands who supports clients to get more value from their owned data and aspires to develop similar services for the Belgian Market.

Next to this, Peter is also Business Manager of DNA (Data Network Associates), an Association (network) of 12 European Data Companies (one partner per country) with the aim to share expertise and experiences to better service our clients in our own local market.