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About this meaningful track

Pieter is managing partner at Bedenk, guest professor in Creativity at Karel De Grote Hogeschool and co-author of Cromax, the creative organization matrix. He specializes in innovation culture and participatory innovation. 

Pieter is always looking for the delicate balance, which is typical about creative processes. Balance between originality and viability,  freedom and structure, evidence based and practice based, etc. His style is best described as: high-energy, thoroughly prepared and a tad unorthodox.

During his former career as TV-producer and director, Pieter has gained a lot of experience in leading projects and creative processes with large groups. Creativity and providing clear frameworks go hand in hand.

As a Meaningful Master, he will explain the building blocks Holistic & Collaboration of the Meaningful Marketing Framework.

The Meaningful Marketing Framework has been developed by BAM as a holistic manifesto and a prototype for companies to evaluate themselves. These tools should allow organisations to look at their current positioning and, with the marketer as a guide, to map out a route based on the values and trends of tomorrow. Click here for more info.

  • Holistic: A broad view on the organisation and its ecosystem expanding its vision further than its own departments
  • Collaboration: Facilitation of open-minded thinking and co-creation


Pieter Daelman will introduce these guests and cases tackling Holistic & Collaboration:

Reinvent your business from within: how to create a culture of bottom up innovation?

1) On Thursday, December 05 :

Michael Van Damme

Michael Vandamme

The importance of evidence-based management in innovation culture

Ivan Cornette

Ivan Cornette

How we created a mission, vision and strategy through participation


Jürgen Tanghe

5 creative muscles and 5 creative virtues

2) On Friday, December 06 :


Pieter Daelman

Pieter Daelman

How do you create a sustainable innovation culture in your organization?


Peter ’s Jongers

Peter ’s Jongers

Why corporate culture is a strategic goal?


Katleen De Stobbeleir

Katleen De Stobbeleir

Inclusive toolkit for innovation


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