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How to pivot from relevancy to value in a AI driven world


Customers today demand irrational levels of experience from brands and companies: positive,

relevant, useful, efficient, surprising, predictive, and proactive. Not too fast. Not too slow.

These demands are driven and conditioned by AI that influences us all multiple times a day.

While this is a new reality, we are all facing a trust vs personalisation paradox. 64% of consumers do not want to share data any more, not even for an enhanced experience - but 50% of them will leave a brand the moment their messaging is not relevant in time or space.

The impact on Marketing is vast. The tenure of the CMO is the shortest amongst the C-suite. The CMO is dead. Long live Chief Customer officer. Organisations need to adapt, in culture, and in how individuals are being measured upon value rather than function. The new mission for marketing is to serve, while it’s services responsibility to market. And sales...well...

Long story short, it’s time for a new refreshing maturity model that embraces technology and AI, but more importantly, that puts data in the middle of everything you do, allowing you to better personalize and better understand where your customer is heading next.


Renout is the founder of GrowthAgent, the Martech Agency within Duval Union. Over the years he helped many start-ups and scale-ups to bring them tons of knowledge to be able to realize that predictable growth by using the right technology. He claims he is not a geek but that he is just obsessed with the constantly accelerating technology revolutions and the impact it has on behaviour and society as a whole.


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