Sara Riis-Carstensen

Building a Meaningful Brand. Brick by Brick.

Sara Riis is known for leading transformations for world-renowned brands. She is the former Global Brand Director of LEGO. She will give you the meaningful building blocks to get your brand through crisis.


Associate Partner at VIVALDI_ | ex-LEGO
Strategic Brand Advisor, LEGO's former Global Brand Director
9 December
Brand Management
Plenary stage


Sara Riis is known for leading transformations for world-renowned brands. She is the former Global Brand Director of LEGO. In her keynote, Building a Meaningful Brand. Brick by Brick, Sara will explain how she took LEGO on a transformational journey towards becoming the World’s most powerful brand. More relevant than ever, Sara will reveal how brands today can find and lead with purpose in times of crisis. 


Sara Riis-Carstensen is the woman behind LEGO’s global brand success. During her time at LEGO, Sara transformed the toy brand into the most powerful brand in the World (recognized by ‘Brand Finance’).

Sara is considered one of the world’s leading thought leaders for all things brand and marketing. She draws on experience from positions at LEGO, Carlsberg, Giorgio Armani, and De Beers.

When Sara began working for LEGO there was not a strategy or a dedicated department working on the brand. Sara created LEGO’s first global brand strategy from scratch and she implemented organizational change to aggressively grow the brand and make LEGO a genuinely customer centric company.

Moreover, Sara drove several iconic brand campaigns and creative activations across the World – many of these are award winning.

After creating LEGO’s global brand success, Sara joined the World’s leading diamond company, De Beers. Here, she revolutionized the company’s approach to marketing by developing an always-on digital strategy. This included moving the company from being non-existent on digital channels to engaging hundreds of thousands of consumers on social channels.

Today, Sara is a sought-after strategic consultant who helps international clients build and transform their approach to branding, marketing and creative executions.

Sara Riis-Cartensen
Sara Riis-Carstensen


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