Chief Ecological Officer and co-founder of Go Forest



About Sarah

Go Forest
Chief Ecological Officer and co-founder

I’m a young entrepreneur and I’m Chief Ecological Officer and co-founder of Go Forest.

Go Forest is a startup within the CO2logic community that helps companies in their transition towards sustainability.

I’ve studied Organizational Psychology and Communication management (UGent) and I’ve became “Student-Entrepreneur of Ghent” in 2004 with a fashion concept ‘Zikini’.

Next to the fact that I love creating things, I’m driven by a strong sense of injustice in the world and that’s why I decided to use my sales and marketing skills for a greener world.

 What drives me the most is impact, real impact, so that at the end of my life, I can look back and know that I truly did something for our planet.

I want to be part of a generation that can guarantee a better world to our children and grandchildren.

 I’m not a perfect greenie and that’s exact the message I want to spread. If everyone picks up some little changes in his or her behavior and gives something back to nature, the world will be a much better and greener place.

I want to inspire entrepreneurs to adopt and apply this idea, without losing their identity.

 With Go Forest, we plant trees with impact, for individuals and companies and through our blockchain application, companies can see their trees growing.

It’s super important to build a bridge between the other side of the world and where we are, in order to create involvement and in order to raise awareness about climate change.