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Bye bye Marketer, welcome Human Activator.

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Digitization, technology and data have been the focus of marketing in the previous decade. Gradually, the discipline lost its touch with the person behind the customer. Yet the essence of marketing is nurturing human relationships with all of your stakeholders. That’s why we plea for an enlarged human-oriented marketing approach, embodied by the Human Activator. This Human Activator observes individual human drivers and social shifts in order to bring back the human to a central position in business strategies. The key of successful organizations lies in truly understanding what drives humans and acting upon this through effective technical solutions.


Driven by new challenges, dedicated to understand and determined to inspire change, Sarah is working with the C-level of leading companies, challengers and scale-ups in a B2B and B2C environment to develop future proof brand, concept and go-to-market strategies.  As a senior strategic consultant at Callebaut Collective and professor at Ghent University, she combines both knowledge and experience, translated into hands-on advice on how to successfully reorient a business in the current age of chaos.


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