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Mastering AI in the New Normal

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The race to AI has not been slowed down by the recent events, on the contrary. Some companies have performed a real leap into digital and AI transformation in the past few months.

Let's investigate how AI is being leveraged and what are the keys to AI success in the current context.


Ségolène is the CEO and cofounder of Kantify, the award-winning AI startup that was nominated Belgian Digital Champion last year. Kantify's mission is to develop AI solutions that humans love. The company is specialized in developing mission-critical solutions powered by AI. Kantify is behind a number of AI success stories especially in services, healthcare and transport.

Ségolène is also the Belgian Ambassador of Women in AI, a Board Member of BeCode, the Belgian coding school, a member of the Brussels Software Cluster, and an appointed representative to the Global Partnership on AI.


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