Silvia Garcia

Marketeers! For success sake, care for your happiness

Have you ever wondered who was responsible for Coca-Cola's association with happiness? Or why during the past 15 years, Coca-Cola employees' consistently over delivered in creativity and performance? Silvia Garcia will broaden on our marketing well-being in these uncertain times. She will tell us how happiness can help you or your organization to become more profitable, happier and successful

Feel Logic & Happiest Places to Work
Former Coca-Cola Global Marketing Director
9 December
Happiness Management
Plenary stage


Sylvia encourages people to be happy, not to live a life just adding hours to their days, and days to their years, but using science based tools to add depth to every day, creating higher happiness and setting the conditions for greater success no matter the circumstances. Happiness is not the result of success, it is the best start to be successful.

So, let us all start with caring, growing or recovering Happiness, because it is within your own reach. External circumstances only affect 10% of your happiness and mental wellbeing. Your daily decisions and actions have a bigger lasting effect.

Silvia Garcia shares 3 scientifically proven tips to grow happiness, because it can help you and your organisation to become more profitable, happier and successful.

We are definitely very happy to have her on board this year.



As International Marketing Director and President of the Happiness Institute for Coca-Cola, Silvia was the organization's expert on emotions and how they influence our decisions.

She oversaw the marketing and leadership strategies for 198 countries. Silvia has lived in the US, France, Ireland, Sweden and Spain. Multicultural, she knows how to engage with all types of audiences with awe-inspiring work-related examples of applying the science of happiness at work.

Highly demanded all around the world, her speeches have been said to change “lives and companies”. Silvia is a worldwide expert on positive leadership and happiness at work.

Her clients range from organizations such as the World Business Forum, AXA, Lilly, or Google to local businesses. Whether your objectives are related to your organization's vision and culture, or to boosting your bottom line results, Silvia will be eye-opening on how the science of happiness can help you or your organization become more profitable, happier and successful.







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