Belgian Digital Champion | Co-Founders - Gatekeepr

Stephan Salberter
Jeremy Corman


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The authentic story of a marketing startup

About this presentation:

Startup founded  by Jeremy Corman and Stephan Salberter which provide analytics to build better branded content strategies for brands. We based our recommandations on AI tools including context like semantic and images analysis of social media posts, the competition and the market conditions. It helps brand to improve their brand positioning, expressions and build stringer relationships with their audience.

Brands like Belfius, Clio Goldbrenner, Sowalfin and Proximus group have experienced their version 1.


Stéphan Salberter founder of Kersel, brand revealer studio, is helping companies and brands to become meaningful and successful. He and is team are combining strategy, story doing and digital solutions for local brands. As Effie master, efficiency is at the heart of its activities combined with stylish art direction. He his combining its longstanding experience in international financial corporates across Europe and the globe with start up and tech practices.

He founded Gatekeepr together with Jeremy Corman. Gatekeepr plans you social media content for your marketing teams.


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