CEO at AIR Brussels




Marketing and Sustainability: embrace the paradox!

About Stéphane

AIR Brussels

After a master degree in communication at IHECS, Stéphane started his career in advertising.

At 35, he was the youngest agency’s CEO of his generation and had the privilege to lead multiple Publicis Group’s agencies across several cultures and markets from Belgium to Netherlands and EMEA’s.

Stéphane has always been driven by passion and is convinced that “brands can play a meaningful role in people’s life”.

Air has always been very engaged in Social-Societal and environmental matters. Defending human rights for more than 20 years with Amnesty International. Helping change mentalities towards Handicap with Cap 48 for decades.

However, the urge to build a better world and the need for a dramatic behavioral change have convinced us that we should go all the way. 
This is where we decided that our sustainable commitment would become an essential part of our business.

In full agreement with Mahatama Gandhi's apocryphal quote "be the change you want to see in the world", Air is today one of the very first agencies in Belgium awaiting the b-corp certification.