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Master of Applied Economic Sciences followed by a number of executive trainings at Insead and London Business School.  Started at Belgacom where he headed the Product Marketing activities since the start of the Broadband Project. Became CEO of Certipost, formerly a joint venture between the Belgian Post Solutions and Belgacom in 2005. He returned to Belgacom in 2009 as Vice president Innovation where he headed a team that managed all new activities of the Belgacom group (Fix, Mobile, ICT,...). In 2013 he joined Telenet ( as Vice President Product and Marketing at the business division. Telenet Business grew considerably and with its marketing approach his team got awarded with numerous prices (BOA, BOCA, MIXX, B2B awards) and was shortlisted as Marketeer of the Year 2018. Stijn became Vice President Business Sales and Go to Market in 2019 heading all sales channels.

Stijn Vander Plaetse is the Sector Host for the B2B thematic stage 

B2B marketing has always been the poor parent of marketing, whether in academic programs or in rewards. Excluding B2B marketing is more than just sales support. The decision to buy in B2B is often much more complex than in B2C and requires a very different know-how. Marketing that makes sense for companies, which addresses their needs rationally but also emotionally, is what Stijn Vander Plaetse brings together with three very concrete cases:

Nicolas Sophie

Sophie Pollet- Telenet & Nicolas De Bauw - TBWA

Turning in B2B a purpose into action & how this supports a distinctive positioning in the market?

Kenneth Bornauw

Kenneth Bornauw - Microsoft

How to manage a multichannel approach in B2B & B2B2X

Timothy Davide

Davide Rigoni - at HULT International Business School & Timothy Desmet- VUB

The buyer in B2B context. Every buyer is a consumer. Is he/she always rational?​​​​​​


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