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Marketing in a (not-so-distant) cookieless future

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Welcome to 2020. A bizarre world which is shaped by a pandemic, largely remote workforces, Tiger King and the puzzle of trying to figure out what our new normal looks like. And if this isn’t enough, in the midst of all this ‘fuzz’, as a marketing community, we need to get ready for some more dramatic changes in the not too distant cookieless future.Indeed, following Apple and Firefox, Google announced earlier this year that 3rd party cookies will not be supported in Google Chrome (65% market share) by 2022. Since Cookies play a key role in your online marketing strategy (reach, targeting, tracking, retargeting, attribution, etc…), it forces each one of us to rethink about advertising and customer engagement.We believe that behind every challenge there is an opportunity. During this session, we will discuss strategies and ways to leverage technology to increase ad spend effectiveness and establish real-time meaningful personalized experiences for our customers. There are steps that can be taken now. Are you in?


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