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Building meaningful relationships in a cookieless future - and yes you can start today!

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As we are discussing during our keynote session: 2020 has been a year of huge transformation and everyone is trying to figure out what our new normal looks like. And if this isn’t enough, we need to prepare for a not too distant cookieless future. Indeed, following Apple and Firefox Google announced earlier this year that 3rd party cookies will not be supported in Google Chrome by 2022.Since Cookies play a key role in online marketing strategy (reach, targeting, tracking, retargeting, attribution, etc…), it forces each one of us to rethink about advertising and overall customer engagement.It is not the time to wait passively for all that might or might not happen when it comes to the end of cookies. One way or another, you need to look for new ways to drive meaningful business results. In this session, we will help you assess your data strategy and provide you resources for building your plan for the cookieless future.Join us in this deep dive session to seize the moment and make use of this great opportunity as a marketer to make a difference.