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About Sylvie

Brand & Reputation Tribe Lead

Sylvie Irzi‘s path started with a Business Administration degree from the University of Liège.

She worked for more than 10 years in the telecommunications industry before falling in love with the Web and Technology. She joined Microsoft in the year 2000 for close to 10 years, first as MSN Marketing Lead and then as the Country Manager of MSN & Microsoft Advertising.

Sylvie left Microsoft end 2009 and spent close to three years working for the Belgian Government and its three regions in Shanghai, managing the content and the scenography of the Belgian pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo 2010.

She came back from China at the end of 2011 to lead “the New Initiative”, a media agency from the IPG Mediabrands Group tailored to match the way our consumers’ lives and our business need to be managed today, embracing technology and the new world of work in a constantly changing economy. Her role at IPG Mediabrands evolved to lead its BeLux network of agencies as CEO for several years. In May 2020, Sylvie resigned from her CEO role at IPG Mediabrands.

She worked as freelance for several months before joining Telenet in May 2021 as Vice-President Brands, Communication & Reputation. Sylvie has a true belief & passion for Technology and how it can positively impact the world, bring humanity back and help people and businesses progress. Elements which are core to the purpose and values of Telenet.