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Being a leader and a pioneer. How to organize disruption in a traditional organization? A disruptive journey.

About the presentation

If you think that only new businesses can be creative, innovative, inventive, flexible, agile or any buzzword you hear. You’re wrong. You can be a market leader and a pioneer. The world we live in allows us to see things differently and connect things in new ways. This is a world of opportunities and a world of threat.

Don’t be afraid to test many ide­as. Don’t be afraid to challenge your own assumptions. But most of all, don’t believe disruption happens all of a sudden.

You need to organize it. You need to transform your organization in order to embed it into it. How? You’ll find out in this presentation.


Valérie Bracke is the Department Head of Brand, Media & External Communication at KBC.

She’s a passionate marketing and communication expert that worked for several years in advertising agencies for brands as Mercedes, Proximus, Lay’s, Pepsico.

She’s President of the Agency of the Year Awards 2021, Jury of the IAB Mixx Awards and President of the UBA Agency Expert Community.


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