Marketing Leader(Ship) of the Year - Finalist



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RTBF- how marketing paved the way to an audience centric organization

About the presentation

My presentation is about the increasing influence marketing has played within RTBF these last years.  That contributes to the transformation of the RTBF into an audience-centric organization.  A transformation that was needed as to face drastic changes in the media business such as a heavy digital shift in consumption.  I’ll speak about digital shift, personalization, segmentation as well as about the positive role RTBF has to play in our societal transformation


  • on the business side I would define myself as an operational strategist.  I like to develop long term vision but I need to be confronted to the operational reality as to get confirmation strategy works. 
  • I need to activate both sides of my brains for decision: giving space to intuition but loving to work with figures
  • Business experience
    • Plus de 20 années d’expérience en marketing stratégique et opérationnel sur des marques nationales et internationales (biens de grande consommation: Beiersdorf, Bel; Télécommunication: Proximus, Belgacom ; Media: RTBF) ;
    • Expérience de transformation d’organisation (Proximus et Belgacom ; RTBF)
  • Education
    • 1984-1989 : IAG-LSM (Louvain School of Management)- Commercial  Engineer


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