Wayne Visser

Thriving: Rethinking Marketing - From Sustainability Spin to Net Positive Impact

Wayne will initiate you into the world of corporate sustainability, responsible leadership, and sustainable development strategies.

He will inform us why change is necessary and how it happens in our fast-moving society. He will show us how we "re-think" and can go from problems of breakdown to breakthrough solutions. Meet Wayne and discover six principles you can use to test whether your brands, strategies, campaigns and projects, contribute to breakdown or breakthrough, to systemic collapse or thriving.



Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership
Head tutor
7 December
Stage "B"


Is sustainability an idea whose time has past? In his talk, Dr Visser will make the case for business shifting towards strategies for thriving that help the world to make six great transitions, from breakdowns in nature, society and the economy to breakthroughs and market opportunities. He will show how the science of complex living systems gives us six principles to test our strategies, campaigns, brands and projects, to determine whether they are contributing to breakdown or breakthrough; to systemic collapse or thriving. Throughout, he will share examples of how net positive, regenerative strategic goals bring innovation, transformation and hope.


Dr Wayne Visser is a globally recognized “pracademic”, poet and “possibilist” on the impact of business on nature and society, with faculty roles at the University of Cambridge and Antwerp Management School. He is also director of the think tank Kaleidoscope Futures, founder of CSRInternational, and former director of Sustainability Services at KPMG and strategy analyst atCapgemini. He has written 41 books, including the Amazon bestseller Thriving: The BreakthroughMovement to Regenerate Nature, Society, and the Economy. His work has taken him to 77 countries and he has been listed as a top 100 thought leader in trustworthy business.