Belgian Digital Champion | Customer Dev Lead - Kayzr & Sponsoring / Event Coordinator - Golden Palace Casino & Sports

Xander Van Buggenhout
Rémy Tastenhoye


About these speakers

Title of the presentation

How Kayzr & Golden Palace make their mark in the Belgian gaming industry.

About the presentation

Kayzr, the biggest esportsplatform of the Benelux will explain how they engage users and give brands the chance to create engaging campaigns on the platform. Together with their client "Golden Palace" they will explain how they facilitated Golden Palace in creating their online presence in the gaming & esports industry.


Xander Van Buggenhout

Xander is head of business development at Kayzr. He helps brands understand and explore the esports ecosystem. Besides this, Xander and his team are making the platform ready to scale to Europe in 2021.

Rémy Tastenhoye

Rémy is a 34 years old men, fan of sport, esport and music. As Event & Sponsoring Manager for the Golden Palace group, his job is to maximize the visibility of his company in areas of interest as well as to create engagement and emotional bounding with his clients and prospects.


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