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Special Olympics Belgium - Turning twenty thousand discriminated people into an opportunity of proudness and inclusion.

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Special Olympics Belgium was a relevant but a slowly growing organization. A new marketing strategy created a +60% growth through proud purpose driven branding and extremely effective campaigning.


Zehra Sayin has studied International Marketing at EPHEC in Brussels and has a specialization in Intercultural Management and Psychology of Persuasion (Erasmus High School of Utrecht).

She has started her career in the private sector as Business Development Executive in the Luxemburg market for Xerox (Leader in Document Management).

After 3 years she has decided to discover new business models and develop her skills in the non-profit sector. She joined Special Olympics – an international Olympic organization for athletes with intellectual disabilities. She was MarCOM & Sponsoring Director for the European Summer Games organized in Antwerp in 2014 for 58 countries.

Once her mission successfully accomplished, she joined the International Polar Foundation as Marketing, Communication & Fundraising Director for 4 EU countries for a period of 1 year.

She was promoted to her current role in August 2015 as CEO of Special Olympics Belgium to guarantee the sustainability of the entity with a long-term vision and measurable objectives (financial & operational strategy towards 2020 and now 2024). She is also in charge of the restructuration and the professionalization of the organization.

In addition to her role within Special Olympics, she is Chairwoman of Collectif HUMA - dedicated to propose an expert vision in the production of reportage and editorial projects.

Last but not least, she is involved in the creation of an orphanage “SOWE” in Africa and she is Member of the Advisory Board of Hercules Trophy and the Board Member of the Urban Youth Games.

2017: Her Play Unified Campaign won the very prestigious Golden Effie Award in Belgium. Her approach put the organization at a benchmark level for 13 countries.

2017: She was one of the 4 finalists of the Advertiser Personality of the Year.

2018 : She was one of the 5 finalists of the Marketeer of the Year.

2018 : She was announced as one of the 5 SUPERWOMEN in Belgium by MediaMarketing.

2019 : Her last campaign Dare to Sponsor for Special Olympics Belgium was awarded as The Best Campaign of the Year at the B2B Awards + 1 Belgian Gold Effie. In 2019, the Play Unified campaign and Dare to Sponsor campaigns won together 4 GOLD EURO EFFIES.

2020 : she has been able to put Special Olympics as the number 1 Most Effective NGO and number 34 of the Most Efective Brands in the Global Effie Ranking in less than 4 years.

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