CEO @Special Olympics Belgium

Zehra Sayin
Tomas Sweertvaegher



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Thematic Stage Not for Profit

About this speaker

Nicolas Lambert will introduce this guest speaker tackling how meaningful marketing can be applied in the Not-for-Profit Sector.

Ambition to challenge stereotypes 


Challenging stereotypes and believing in the power of Marketing are key success factors. Special Olympics moved from typical NGO thinking to professionalism, from pity to proud equals, from a problem to an opportunity with the hardest product to sell, people with intellectual disability, and extremely limited marketing budget

Biography Zehra Sayin

Zehra Sayin has studied International Marketing at EPHEC in Brussels and has a specialization in Intercultural Management and Psychology of Persuasion (Erasmus High School of Utrecht).

She joined Special Olympics – an international Olympic organization for athletes with intellectual disabilities. She was MarCOM & Sponsoring Director for the European Summer Games organized in Antwerp in 2014 for 58 countries.

Once her mission successfully accomplished, she joined the International Polar Foundation as Marketing, Communication & Fundraising Director for 4 EU countries for a period of 1 year.

She was promoted to her current role in August 2015 as CEO of Special Olympics Belgium to guarantee the sustainability of the entity with a long term vision and measurable objectives (financial & operational strategy towards 2020). She is also in charge of the restructuration and the professionalization of the organization.   

Biography Tomas Sweertvaegher 

Strategy Director – LDV United (Belgium)

Tomas is passionate about things that combine creativity and efficiency. That’s why he enjoys his job as strategy director at LDV United.

Before entering the advertising world, he was a spokesman for the Belgian government. Tomas holds a master’s degree in Commercial Sciences and in International Politics.   

At LDV he focuses on marketing effectiveness and behavioural change strategy for a wide range of commercial, nonprofit and governmental clients.

He won 2 Gold Belgian Effies, 4 Gold Euro-Effies, and was an EuroEffie judge in 2017 and 2019.





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