BAM Marketing Congress 2019

Theme: The Era of Humanity

Marketing used to be about creating brands and generating sales. Today marketing is about managing brands that create value for customers. Customer centricity has been on the marketing agenda for years. Today an increasing number of brands are taking up their role in society. Sustainability, equality are no longer stand alone strategies but are a powerful component of the brand’s DNA.
Today, marketers need to carefully think about what we do and how we do it.

Reflect on internal and external values. Break down the walls of the marketing department and inviting others in. People, teams, companies, brands, customers. We need to focus on creating brands that people connect to. Brands that support and inspire instead of push and sell. It is a story of balance, collaboration and openness. It is about our people and our future.

Welcome to the Era of Humanity.


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Virtual visit Marketing village 2019

Virtual visit Marketing Village 2019 DiscoVR

4 stages with inspirational keynotes

There are multiple stages to fuel inspiration: meaningful stages about meaningful marketing, sector stages with insights for B2B, retail/FMCG, not for profit and services. 

Line-up 2019


3 Meaningful Masters with guests

Herman Toch (NL / FR)

Pieter Daelman (NL / FR)

Pierre-Nicolas Schwab (NL / FR)

Line-up 2019


4 Meaningful Masters with guests

Alex Thoré - Services

Aude Mayence - Retail

Nicolas Lambert - Not For Profit

Stijn Vander Plaetse - B2B


Keynotes 2019


10 Keynote speakers

Keynotes 2019


14 Content speakers


Congress Magazine

Congress Magazine 2019

Programme 2019

Programme 2019

The BAM Marketing Congress is your annual meet-up with professionals passionate about marketing.