After 4 successful years as congress captain, Alex Thoré has passed the torch to Steven Verbruggen (CEO AdSomeNoise). Steven advocates evolution, not revolution. Meet our new captain.


Hi, this is your captain speaking. Sorry, I always wanted to do that!

I’m Steven. I’ve been involved with the BAM Marketing congress for the last couple of years and I’m ready to take the helm. Following Alex Thoré, I know there are big shoes to fill, but I’m up for the challenge. Let me share with you a bit of my vision on the congress.

First of all, we will go for evolution, not revolution. I’m really proud of what the congress has become and I feel we had a killer edition last year. Alex’s ambition was to deliver a better congress every year and I want to continue that tradition. If we don’t aim to make it into the 2 best marketing days of the year, we shouldn’t be doing it in the first place. So I can promise you that the team and I will work towards an edition you don’t want to miss. If I were you, I’d save some money and go for those early bird tickets. We’re aiming for a sold-out edition this year, so secure your tickets while you still can!

In terms of line-up, we have the same challenge as every year: find a good mix between known names and speakers that will surprise you. It’s my feeling that speakers from that last category are the ones that people remember the most and enjoy seeing. It’s always been my personal mission to sneak in a few of these every year, and I’m not planning to stop with this now. You will leave inspired, energized and happy. After all, it should be fun as well, right? 

That said, if you want to suggest a speaker, someone you think could be a revelation: please do! I consider the congress the incarnation of the Belgian Marketing Community and we’re open for all feedback and suggestions.

Finally, the congress should be a support for marketers from across the industry. The speed of change makes it hard to keep up with... everything. So our goal is to be a helping hand. To exchange information that you can start using the very next Monday after the congress. To help you focus on what’s important. And maybe to help you take a step back, go back to basics. Because with all tools and toys available today the marketing practice tends to become very tactical. As a congress we can help you create a strategic framework where all these tactics find their way (or don’t). That’s why I believe in a T-shaped approach: we go broad and focus on the bigger picture and complement this with specialistic stints on actual topics that deserve a deep dive. This way we put marketing back at the core of the congress.

That’s it. I’m super excited! Excited to prepare this baby with the team. And especially to see it come alive in December. Hope you will be there too!


The BAM Marketing Congress is your annual meet-up with professionals passionate about marketing.