Study: Marketers Avoid Risks to Tackle Uncertainty in Business

The current socio-economic crisis looms over us, and many professionals are rethinking their work structure and career future. Marketers are not an exception. Our recent survey takes a deep dive into marketers’ minds to see how they cope with uncertainty in business, how their stress levels have changed in the last few years, and how hopeful they remain for the future of their profession.

Together with Sortlist, we conducted a study in the context of the BAM Marketing Congress. Read on to find how marketers are dealing with uncertainty in the current crisis.

The study was conducted between October 17th and October 21st, 2022, among 200 marketers in 6 countries: the United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, and France. In the study, we asked marketers about their feelings towards uncertainty and doubts regarding their career in the current global crisis. The responses are anonymous.

Content report

  • The Reality: Stress Keeps Marketers From Taking Risks
  • Marketers’ Biggest Takeaway During Uncertain Times? Learning to Communicate
  • Coping With Uncertainty in Business: 20% Talk to Family and Friends
  • In Marketing, Layoffs Weren’t as Common
  • Conclusion: Marketers Navigate Through Uncertainty in Business With Both Hope and Stress


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