Anna Grassano-Rauch

What a time to be a marketer!

Anna is passionate about brands and brand building strategies and tools.  Her journey has been one of innovation, transformative and resilience, leadership. Her unique perspective will shed light on the complexities we encounter in today's world, urging us to embrace change and adaptability and discussing the transformational shifts needed at both marketing and organizational levels. Are the strategies that served us in the past also adequate in the current fast-moving world…


Beiersdorf AG (NIVEA)
Vice President marketing Europe & North America
8 December
Marketing Strategy
Stage "B"


Anna Grassano-Rauch is Vice President Global Face and Lead Strategic Turnaround and expansion for Nivea. She has 26 years of international experience in operational and strategic roles in DAX listed companies from automobile industry, fashion, to beauty, with an extensive track record of delivering brand growth and leading edge work in sales, marketing and business unit for global brands and driving continuous growth. She is a builder and mentor of high performing teams for international cooperations and especially role model for woman in leadership. As a strategic thinker with a human centric approach, she empowers people every day to grow and achieve strong business results. Anna has been nominated for the Belgian “Advertising Personality of the Year, she won EFFIE’s in different countries and packaging awards. She has a passion for great food.




Anna has spent over two decades in marketing and she believes we're currently experiencing the most thrilling era to be a marketeer in FMCG and for strong iconic brands like NIVEA or Labello. More than ever, the responsibility is on marketing to champion the mission of ensuring sustainable growth for strong brands with heritage. It's no longer just about crafting a strategy; it's about forging the path to the future!

Throughout the last years, Anna has seen innumerable 'from-to' predictions, forecasting where marketing might head and what will be the role of a marketeer. Today, we stand finally at a transformative juncture in marketing's evolution because many of those once distant visions are coming true. With the precision of martech driven by data and technology , she recognized she has never been using as much as now her marketing basic principles. It is the moment to Rethink!

Anna is eager to share her self reflection and  insights through examples  why day after day she is more and more convinced  it is the best time  ever to be a marketeer for iconic brands.