Bob Safian

Lessons of Generation Flux - Succeeding in an Age of Chaos

Bob Safian is a seasoned entrepreneur, influential business leader, and an acclaimed podcast host. He brings his expertise and visionary mindset to empower organizations and individuals to thrive in a fast-moving world.

Whether through his entrepreneurial vision, his podcasts, or his strategic guidance, Bob Safian shaped the business landscape of recent years by challenging conventional wisdom and advocating transformative ideas.


The Flux Group / podcast Masters of Scale: Rapid Response
podcaster, entrepreneur
8 December
Business transformation
Stage "B"


Our business reality has been permanently adjusted. Challenges were already intense before pandemic, before generative AI, before Russia invaded Ukraine. Now pressures are even more acute, the stakes even higher. To succeed in this environment requires a new kind of playbook. 

Drawing on in-depth interviews with the world’s top CEOs and business leaders, journalist and strategic adviser Bob Safian offers a cohesive framework for addressing these unprecedented times, by following a mindset he calls “Generation Flux.” Presenting clear, engaging and often-unexpected lessons, Safian delves into the personal, practical learnings of leaders from Airbnb to Mercedes to Nike. Bringing to life the insights that matter most, this session illuminates how we can "re-think" our approach to succeed in a new age. 


One of the most sought-after experts in modern business, Bob Safian is the host of podcast Masters of Scale: Rapid Response, downloaded by business leaders millions of times each month and named by The New York Times as one of its "Podcasts for the Pandemic Era." Guests on the show include CEOs from Airbnb to Marriott, Nike to Target, Mercedes Benz to AWS. Safian was editor-in-chief of Fast Company for a decade, previously serving as executive editor at both Fortune and Time.

As founder of The Flux Group, an advisory firm driving awareness of new business practices, Safian directly counsels Fortune 100 firms, startups and nonprofits.