Carmen Van Buggenhout & Eveline Grosjean

How winning brands combine performance and creativity

Eveline & Carmen combine their forces together to present you how to fuse creativity and performance.

Concept & Digital Creative & Head of Performance
8 December
Performance marketing
Stage "A"


At FightClub we do both: the numbers and the countless ideas. Learn how to fuse the power of performance and creativity - presenting the why & how. We make this session tangible through some leading and triumph cases, exemplifying our dual strength and skilfulness. And that's how you win. Because smart wins. Ballsy wins. Weird wins. Quirky wins. Wanna win?


Eveline Grosjean

Eveline heads up the performance team at Fightclub and likes to help clients to maximize return from their marketing spend.

With almost 10 years of experience in digital performance marketing under her belt, she can be seen as one of the leading ladies of the SEA scene in Belgium, always thinking one step ahead and making clients progress on the growth path of digital maturity.


Carmen Van Buggenhout

For almost 10 years she accelerated the growth of brands, turning her passion for outstanding creatives into reality.

The combination of a fluent pen, impactful creative strategy and an endless pit of ideas: that's what brands are digging.