Caterina Occhio
Economic inclusion and ESG advisor

Caterina Occhio


ESG and Sustainability advisor focused on luxury and fashion, with clients like Maison Alaïa, Chloé, and Aspesi. Key achievements include aiding Chloé in becoming the first luxury brand to earn B-corp certification. Former EU and UN development aid manager with over 15 years of experience. Coordinated UN social enterprise programs and the UN Ethical Fashion Initiative. Recently appointed ESG advisor for UNIDO and partnership coordinator for UNHCR's Made51. Founder of ethical brands SeeMe and EthicaRei. Advocate for the global impact economy, member of the Global Board of World Fair Trade Organisation, and a frequent contributor to major news outlets. Holds an M.A. in Geopolitics and International Relations.

Keynote speech

Marketing Makeover: The EU’s Green Claims Edition

The new EU legislation, particularly the Green Claims Directive, will transform the work of marketers. This directive mandates that environmental claims must be substantiated with clear, transparent, and verifiable evidence, aiming to combat greenwashing. Marketers will need to adapt by ensuring all environmental claims are accurate and backed by solid data. This shift will not only enhance consumer trust but also promote genuine sustainability practices across industries. Let’s explore these changes and prepare for a more transparent and accountable marketing landscape.

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