Cedric Donck

Marketplaces: an opportunity for every brand


The ascent of online marketplaces isn't merely a passing trend; it marks a revolutionary transformation in the e-commerce landscape. With giants like Alibaba and Amazon at its forefront, comprising 54% of global e-commerce and 77% of Global Merchandise Value (GMV), this paradigm shift invites brands to embrace a world of boundless opportunities, prompting them to reimagine, reinvent, and reignite their strategies in the dynamic realm of e-commerce.

8 December
Stage "A"


The rise of online marketplaces is not just a trend; it's a revolution in the world of e-commerce. Dominating the landscape, platforms like Alibaba and Amazon have become more than just marketplaces—they are epicenters of innovation and opportunity, accounting for 54% of global e-commerce and 77% of the Global Merchandise Value (GMV). This shift represents an exciting, transformative moment for brands. It's an invitation to step into a realm of limitless possibilities, where the boundaries of global reach, product diversity, and market expansion are continually being redefined. For businesses, this is more than a call to action—it's a call to reimagine, reinvent, and reignite their strategies in the dynamic, ever-evolving e-commerce universe.


Cedric Donck is an experienced entrepreneur, who launched various startups in the internet industry. He sold these companies to major international advertising groups, such as Omnicom and WPP where he held senior executive positions. Since 2011, he has been a professional investor and business angel, through his company, Virtuology. With offices in Brussels, Paris, Barcelona, Tangier and Madagascar, the group supports the growth of specialized digital marketing and ecommerce companies. He is also Professor of Innovation and Corporate Sustainability in various Universities. His fields of expertise are business modeling, sustainable strategy, corporate transformation and innovation management. He is the author of the book 'Pimento Map' which presents a straightforward method to analyze Business Models. Born in Africa, he stays faithful to his roots. He created two NGO's supporting local entrepreneurship and founded the Photography Museum of Madagascar.