David De Block

Leaving no one behind digitally

David De Block of iO is a key figure in the implementation of digital strategy in Flanders with a focus on data standards and exchange. Using data, insights and real-life examples, David will inspire you on how to close the digital divide and ensure everyone gets on the rapidly advancing digital train. 

Public Services Director
8 December
Digital Strategy
Stage "M"


David is closely involved in the roll-out of digital strategy in Flanders, focusing on data standards and data exchange. 46% of the local population lives in a situation of 'digital vulnerability': 7% do not use the internet at all, and 39% have limited digital skills. David and iO will use insights, data and cases to inspire you on how to reduce the digital divide, and make sure that everyone can take their place on the ever faster digital train.


David combines his background as a communications scientist with a strong technical baggage. He reconciles strategic business objectives with customer needs, using the most appropriate technology. Hereby however, the focus is always on the user-friendliness and guidance of the end users towards finding the information sought, always in a clear and proactive dialogue with the customer. After joining with Internet Architects the iO journey he now leads the public services offering and strategy.