An Dewilde

Telenet’s digital experimentation journey

  • How we’re building a digital experimentation culture
  • Steps we’re taking to progress on the CRO maturity ladder
  • Ambition going forward
  • A few examples of tests we’ve run and the value we’re creating
Team Manager CRO & Analytics
7 December
Digital Strategy
Stage "M"


At Telenet, An is leading the team responsible for digital experimentation and CRO, digital analytics, UX and UI design within the Commercial tribe. With over 20 years of experience in managing digital teams and ecosystems in complex environments, she has a passion for user experience and data driven decisions and takes pride in connecting business and IT stakeholders to come to the best results.


Telenet is actively fostering a digital experimentation culture within their organization, promoting a mindset of continuous testing and improvement. As part of their strategy to progress on the Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) maturity ladder, they've implemented several key steps. During this session An De Wilde will provide you some examples of tests the've run and show you the value the are creating.