Jay Trestain

Harnessing the power of an Intelligent Content Supply Chain: Transforming digital experiences for the enterprise

  • Discover how the content supply chain and generative AI is shaping the future of marketing 
  • Understand how to solve the challenges of connecting disparate teams, accelerating content velocity, and eliminating duplicative technology.
  • Explore real-world client use cases and applications of this technology with tools like Adobe Workfront and Adobe Firefly.

Learn best practices so that you can provide your teams with the data, insights, and capacity to effect real, measurable change.

Global Content Supply Chain Leader


Successful digital businesses depend on great customer experiences driven by captivating content, delivered at speed and enterprise scale. This is the Content Supply Chain; Bringing together people, process, tools, insights and ways of working into a single platform and workflow, providing end-to-end visibility for all of your stakeholders.

Yet, as the demand for more and better content explodes, organizations are realizing that humans alone can’t scale fast enough. That’s why top global organizations are leveraging generative AI into their content supply chain, saving hundreds of human hours on content production, distribution and personalization and unlocking a world of limitless creative possibilities.


Jay is a global leader for IBM, responsible for IBMs Content Supply Chain and Workfront Business aligned to the strategic partnership with Adobe. She is a thought-leader on human-centred experience transformation and how to leverage technology to transform the ways things are done. She is a passionate advocate for diversity and equity in all things, held to an exceptionally high standard by her 8-year-old daughter, Dora.

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