Jelle Eysermans

The power and possibilities of digital twins

Co-Founder / Product Design
8 December


Take a leap in the journey of Onegrid that helps brands and artists unlocking exclusive experiences that activate and engage customers like never before. All this made possible by blockchain and NFTs, with a focus on digital twins, aka digital representation of a physical object or touch point.



Meet Jelle Eysermans, a dynamic force in the world of product design and the co-founder of Onegrid. By day, he serves as the product design lead for Hootsuite, where he channels his passion for crafting experiences that embody simplicity and user-friendly design.

Jelle excels in Onegrid and the Web3 space, where he reshapes the landscape of consumer and creator industries, challenging conventional norms. Dedicated to minimizing clutter, he focuses on creating seamless and intuitive experiences.

Before his venture into Onegrid, Jelle collaborated with Lawrence, the founder of Onegrid, at Ernst & Young. Together, they assisted numerous organizations in navigating the digitalization landscape and delivering value propositions. Now, having honed his skills in the digital arena, Jelle has set his sights on the next frontier beyond the internet bubble.