Joeri Billast

NFTs and the Metaverse as Game-Changers for SMEs

Joeri Billast possesses extensive knowledge in digital B2B strategies and Web3 marketing, making him a valuable asset for SMEs seeking growth and innovation. With a deep understanding of cutting-edge technologies, including NFTs, the Metaverse, and AI, Joeri empowers organisations to connect with customers, build brand awareness and communities, and explore untapped markets in pioneering ways.

NFT & Metaverse Marketing Strategist
7 December
Stage "A"


Ever feel like the digital age is a runaway train? Well, Joeri Billast is here to tell you, it's time to grab the controls. In his talk, he breaks down how these innovative Web3 technologies like NFTs and the Metaverse can be more than just buzzwords. They can be the tools SMEs use to break through the noise and really stand out. Joeri will share real-life examples and strategies, showing how SMEs can not just adapt, but thrive in the new digital landscapes of NFTs and the Metaverse. This isn't just about keeping up, it's about seizing opportunities and setting the pace.


Joeri Billast, a renowned Web3 strategist, hosts the Web3 CMO Stories podcast and is a best-selling author on Amazon. Known for his W3X Marketing Mastermind and his work as a Fractional CMO in B2B tech, Joeri leverages his unique expertise to guide organisations in NFT and Metaverse marketing, driving substantial impacts in the emerging tech landscape.