Joeri Van den Bergh

Meet Gen Alpha. The new kids on the block.

8 December
Marketing Strategy
Stage "B"


More than 2.5 million Gen Alphas come into this world each week, poised to be the largest and longest-living generation in history. By 2025, their economic footprint is projected to surpass an astounding €5.2 trillion. According to Bain & Co, Gen Alpha's spending power is forecasted to surge three times faster than any other generation by 2030.

Born between 2010 and 2024, Gen Alpha is often characterized by their innate tech-savviness. Yet, their Millennial parents have seamlessly integrated them into every family decision, resulting in a powerful influence that transcends generations and spans across all product categories.

Join us as Joeri Van den Bergh, the global thought leader and AMA-awarded marketing author, unveils the findings of the first Gen Alpha study in the Benelux, commissioned by media sales house Transfer.

In his distinctive style, Joeri will explore intriguing concepts such as "screenrichment," "skibidi toilet syndrome," and share insights on how to build G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time) brands tailored to this new generation of consumers.


🎤 Joeri Van den BerghNavigating the NextGen Frontier

Meet the visionary Co-Founder, Partner, and Future Consumer Expert at Human8 (formerly known as InSites Consulting), Joeri Van den Bergh. With a global reach spanning 22 offices, Joeri has been a trusted advisor to industry giants like eBay, Coca-Cola, Spotify, Danone, Red Bull, IKEA, Heineken, Converse, Nestlé, AXA, and Unilever. His profound understanding of marketing to kids, teens, and young adults has propelled these brands to success.

🏆 AMA Award Winner: Recognized by the American Marketing Association for his pioneering work, Joeri is a global thought leader and marketing author, focusing on the profound impact of the NextGen on marketing, business, and consumer trends.

📚 Professor & Scholar: As a distinguished Marketing Professor at Vlerick, one of Europe's premier business schools, Joeri is constantly refining his insights into NextGen consumer behavior within our ever-evolving world.