Karen De Sousa Pesse

The importance of Gender Perspective in Technology

As a dynamic public speaker and influential female business leader, Karen captivates audiences with her compelling discussions on using technology for good while navigating its potential pitfalls.

Senior Executive
7 December
Stage "M"


As a public speaker and female business leader, Karen is very often seen speaking about AI, Machine Learning, how we can use technology for good – and how we need to be aware of its pitfalls. During her recent TedXBrussels presentation on the topic 'The Importance of Gender Perspective in Technology, she explored the dangerous nature of a data-driven world where women are underrepresented, creating a massive bias in many areas: technology, security, healthcare, banking and more. Her talk has granted her the 2023 Dianne Bevelander Award from Rotterdam School of Management on Women's Rights.


Karen de Sousa Pesse is a Senior Executive at Salesforce, a company that makes cloud-based software designed to help businesses and government to wow customers and citizens with amazing service and customer experience, and a celebrated keynote speaker with a passion for shining a light on topics such as bias in Artificial Intelligence, and the importance of gender perspectives in technology.