Koen Eykens & Pieter-Jan Theunis

Podcasting, a marketer’s new frontier

Get ready to revolutionize your approach to podcast marketing with Koen en Pieter-Jan. Learn why podcasts are reshaping marketing, and gain practical strategies to connect with your audience authentically. Discover the enduring power of podcasts and leave armed with the tools to amplify your brand's message.

De Praeters
Founders & Podcast Experts
8 December
Stage "A"


Are you ready to embark on a journey into the heart of corporate podcasting? Join us for an electrifying keynote that promises to transform the way you think about podcast marketing. By the end of our session, you'll not only grasp why podcasts are rewriting the rules of the game, but you'll also have a foolproof roadmap to harness their huge potential and connect with your audience like never before.

From childhood stories to the essence of human evolution, we'll explore how podcasting taps into our deepest instincts. Discover the art of crafting authentic narratives, fostering meaningful connections, and reaching your audience on their terms. 

We'll unveil the magic of podcasting's intimacy and flexibility, explaining how it seamlessly fits into your marketing arsenal. And don't forget, podcasts aren't just another trend; they're here to stay.

As we wrap up, you'll be armed with insights, strategies, and an unwavering passion to make your brand's voice resonate more loudly and clearly than ever before. Get ready to redefine marketing excellence and unlock the potential of podcasting!


Pieter-Jan and Koen are imaginative dreamers with a twist. They're also people persons, loving those authentic connections and bonds between each other. 

Right in the midst of the COVID-pandemic, they launched De Praeters, one of Belgium's first podcast companies specifically catering to organizations and businesses. And guess what? They're rocking it! Two years in, the company is running at full throttle, serving an impressive roster of big-name clients like Eastpak, De Vlaamse Overheid and G4S.

As pioneers and frontrunners in the realm of corporate podcasts, they're waving the podcast flag high, spreading the word far and wide within organizations. Their mantra: "Every organization deserves a podcast because every organization possesses a compelling story and an audience itching to tune in. Otherwise, they wouldn't exist."

Koen Eykens & Pieter-Jan Theunis
Koen Eykens & Pieter-Jan Theunis