Kurt Frenier

Technology in marketing: thrilling & frightening – live with it

Kurt Frenier's remarkable journey through diverse marketing, innovation, and change management roles worldwide is sure to inspire. Curently, Kurt is at the helm of PepsiCo's International Beverages group, leading the transformation and growth of marketing efforts.

With a relentless focus on cultivating robust, iconic brands, Kurt achieves this through digital transformation, leveraging marketing capabilities, nurturing creative excellence and optimising budgets for increased effectiveness.

PepsiCo International Beverages
Vice President Marketing Transformation
8 December
Stage "B"


Kurt will talk about how PepsiCo RETHINKS marketing. PepsiCo is a powerhouse of iconic multi-billion dollar brands and marketing's role is to be the architects of growth. Kurt will talk about the need for marketing to bring the art & science of marketing together and will double click on embracing technology to connect differently with audiences at a deeper, more profound and emotional level in pursuit of building iconic and meaningful brands. Learn how the fusion of art and science in marketing paves the way for growth and how PepsiCo is doing this today - with lots of real examples.


Kurt Frenier is a seasoned marketing executive with a remarkable track record of nearly three decades in the FMCG industry. As VP of Marketing Transformation at PepsiCo International Beverages, he is now playing a pivotal role in shaping the company's innovative marketing strategies and transformative initiatives.

A respected thought-leader and published author, Frenier's insights and expertise have earned him a reputation of a transformative marketer. With an innate curiosity and a keen understanding of consumer behavior, he has a keen insight into the motivations that drive consumer engagement.

Kurt's journey with PepsiCo began 25 years ago, and since then, he has held a diverse range of roles spanning marketing, innovation, change management, and general management. His global leadership has influenced PepsiCo's marketing strategies across the Benelux (early on his career), then Continental Europe, Middle East & Africa, and for the past decade on a global scale.

As the leader of "Marketing Transformation" within PepsiCo IB - PepsiCo’s International Beverages division that encompasses all international markets outside of North America - Frenier is at the forefront of elevating the marketing function. He is dedicated to building stronger, iconic brands through digital transformation, new technology adoption, strengthening marketing capabilities, and driving creative excellence. His leadership extends to fostering a culture of experimentation and innovation within PepsiCo's marketing community, encouraging them to embrace and execute new technology platforms. In his role, Frenier also spearheads so-called Social Joint Business Partnerships for IB, collaborating with industry giants such as Meta, Google, TikTok, Snap, X, and Spotify. His focus on improving data access, data mining, and first-party data management is pivotal in accelerating brand equity and demand through personalization.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Frenier is an avid reader & passionate writer. His contributions to the field of marketing are a testament to his dedication, creativity, and innovative thinking. His 920-page book "Two Marketing Buddies Walk Into Buddha", co-authored in 2014, offers a unique perspective on the day-to-day realities of marketing through a series of insightful conversations between two marketing thought leaders.

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