Lode Lauwaert

Ethical Risks in Today's and Tomorrow's AI World

Lode Lauwaert will invite you to reflect on the broader implications of technological advances. 

Does social media lead to polarisation? Do algorithms discriminate? Does AI create climate problems? When it comes to technology and AI, the image of a future with evil, hyper-intelligent systems dominating humans often looms large.

Lode will challenge you to “Re-think” your conventional perception of AI and offer fresh insights into the philosophical foundations of new technologies.

A detailed keynote summery will be available soon.

University of Leuven
Professor of Philosophy of Technology
7 December
Stage "A"


Advancements in AI are opening up exciting new frontiers, yet they also bring forth substantial ethical dilemmas. Join us in our ethical journey as we delve into how these cutting-edge technologies challenge us to reevaluate the moral framework within the AI realm. Explore with us the ethical quandaries, responsibilities, and decisions we must confront while navigating this intricate terrain where ethics and AI intersect. 


Lode Lauwaert is Professor of Philosophy of Technology at KU Leuven, and author of "We, robots. A philosophical look at technology and artificial intelligence."