Maarten Leyts

Generation ZAlpha

Connecting with the Next Micro-Generation - preview 

Founder & CEO Trendwolves
8 December


Born into a world of rapid technological advancement, the members of Generation ZAlpha are the digital natives, effortlessly navigating the complex web of the digital age. But they are more than just the products of technology; they are catalysts for change, drivers of progress, and champions of innovation, social justice, diversity and inclusivity.

generation zalpha‘Generation ZAlpha’ is a playbook that guides you through the changes in marketing and communication to this micro-generation. The desire for more specific insights is what led to the notion of hybrid generations, or micro-generations. It will start you on a journey to understand the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of a unique cohort growing up with the experience of the pandemic who are poised to shape our future; the cohort that is at the cusp of being the youngest Gen Z and oldest Gen Alpha.

In this book you will find a treasure of information, anecdotes, brand examples and perspectives that offers a window into the hearts and minds of Generation ZAlpha, as well as Gen Alpha and Gen Z. It provides perspectives for businesses, governments, classrooms and families on how to connect with this emerging group of youngsters.


Maarten Leyts is founder and CEO of Trendwolves, a European trend agency specialising in early stage trends and cultural youth research. Within the organisation, he leads the department that translates trends into products, services and marcom strategies.

Driven by his passion for trend and youth research, Maarten initiated the postgraduate course in Trend-watching and Future Studies at HoGent. He is also a member of the advisory board of US cultural strategy firm Sparks & Honey, where he advises on youth culture and trends. Maarten was president of La Futura, the global trend association.