Patrick Van Rosendaal

Rethink and Revive: Adventures in the City that Fell Asleep

8 December
Event Marketing
Stage "B"


Dive into 'Rethink and Revive: Adventures in the City that Fell Asleep,' where my journey journey transforms from school challenges to corporate victories. As the Head of Marketing for Benelux at SocGen in France, I mixed book smarts with the nitty-gritty of finance, making my mark in the high-flying world of marketing. My educational journey at Vlerick Business School, mastering Consumer Marketing, prepared me for the unexpected twists my career would take.

In New York, during the pandemic, my marketing expertise and personal branding became crucial. Social media became our lifeline, opening doors to opportunities that reshaped my professional landscape. I stepped into roles I never imagined, from being a virtual tour guide to a reporter for HLN, even hosting virtual parties for banks and law firms. These ventures were not just career advancements; they were essential moves in safeguarding my family's future in one of the world’s most expensive cities.

Join me as I share how strategic marketing and adaptability can turn formidable challenges into golden opportunities, leading to unexpected avenues of success. Witness a journey of transformation, mirroring the resilience of a city reborn, and discover how the strategic use of social media can create lifelines during times of crisis.



Patrick van Rosendaal is a Belgian American living in New York with his beautiful wife, Ineke and their two children, Marie and Matteo. He is the beating heart of BE NY, a household name for anyone traveling to New York for more than a decade. His passion for the city is reflected in his books and shows again and again in his tours and through his Instagram account. An officially licensed city guide, he walks the metropolis daily, constantly discovering new spots.