Samira Brophy

Making Magnificent Sustainability Advertising

Samira Brophy will highlight the crucial responsibility of brands and agencies to drive ESG initiatives through bold and hugely creative campaigns. An meta-analysis by Ipsos of 200 sustainability ads across 15 different countries, shows a concerning trend....

Creative Excellence Director
7 December
Stage "A"


Brands and agencies have a duty of care to raise the profile of ESG initiatives via bold, highly creative work. As arguably one of the biggest forces of societal change, advertising has the power to make sustainability aspirational. But sustainability ads have a unique problem. The pool of themes (energy, sourcing etc) is small, meaning agencies effectively get the same brief across multiple brands and categories.  

Ipsos meta-analysis of our creative database looking at 200 sustainability ads in 15 countries shows a great deal of this creative can get lost in a ‘Sea of Sustainability Sameness’. We have hard evidence & inspiring cases to show that brands can and should break conventional ESG tropes, entertain and make magnificent sustainability advertising. 


Samira is an experienced speaker and thought leader on marketing and creative effectiveness with 20 years of industry experience in creative and research roles. Based in London, she helps clients make communication that grabs audiences and grows business.