Marketing copywriter, creative director and author




Our politics dictate the ads we create and distance us from our audience.

About Steve

Marketing copywriter, creative director and author

Steve Harrison was the European Creative Director at OgilvyOne and global creative director at Wunderman. In between he founded HTW where he won more Cannes Lions in his discipline than any other creative director in the world.

He has also written several books including How to do better creative work which became the most expensive advertising book ever when it traded on amazon for £3,500.  His latest, Can't Sell, Won't Sell: Advertising, Politics and Culture Wars has been described by the IPA as "the most provocative advertising book in years".  Bob Hoffman says: "If, like me, you prefer sales to sanctimony, have a look at Can't Sell Won't Sell. Steve Harrison's take-no-prisoners assault on 'brand purpose' and other smug political obsessions of our industry."