Tanguy Le Falher

How to Fully Harness the Potential of Retail Media in Europe?

Retail media is at the centre of attention, raising high expectations among retailers, brands and media players. While the United States has already achieved a high level of maturity in this domain, Europe is struggling with obstacles...

Unlimitail by Publicis & Carrefour
Head of Retail Partnerships
8 December
Retail Marketing
Stage "M"


Retail media is currently at the forefront of everyone's attention and is met with high expectations from retailers, brands, and media alike. While the United States has already achieved a strong level of maturity in this field, Europe faces challenges in maximizing the potential of Retail Media. These are challenges that we aim to address at Unlimitail, the brand-new Joint Venture between Carrefour and Publicis.


Tanguy Le Falher, Head of Retail Partnerships at Unlimitail. With years of e-commerce experience gained at Publicis, and previously working at Citrus Ad by Epsilon, the technology behind Unlimitail, he successfully integrated many retail partners with Unlimitail's offer to monetize their online inventory and 1st party data and plays a key role in developing the company's strategy.