Tuur Devooght

Empathic Innovation: reduce innovation frustrations

To maintain a competitive edge as an organization, it's crucial to reconsider your strategic approach and effectively navigate the realm of innovation and change. How can you avoid the frustrations that often accompany innovation, which can hinder your organization's progress? Meet Tuur and empower your organization to accelerate innovation and achieve greater success.

Sneakpeek part of +KOO
Innovation Consultant & Managing Partner
7 December
Business transformation
Stage "M"


Re-think the way you strategize and innovate! Staying ahead of the curve as an organization means rethinking your strategy and managing a lot of innovation and changes. How to prevent innovation frustrations that slow your organization down? How do you best decide on which trend to focus on? How do you build an ecosystem by choosing the right partners? How do you deal with upcoming technologies like Generative AI? In this timeslot we will share solutions, frameworks and easy-to-grasp insights to enable Empathic Innovation that will help your organization to innovate faster and more successfully.  


With a profound experience in strategic business consultancy and innovation, Tuur Devooght helps C-level with inspiration and insights on (digital) innovation. Tuur Devooght has a solid international experience in large digital transformation projects (London, The Hague, Paris and Brussels, …) With his action-oriented mindset and being a curious strategic thinker he is always seeking the balance between amazement, foresight, and deep down-to-earth understanding of the challenges of today's marketers. 

Tuur is Innovation Consultant at Sneakpeek, a business and (digital) innovation consulting company, next to being managing partner. Sneakpeek is part of the +KOO network.   

Tuur has a master's in business engineering. And passionate about music, bird spotting and travelling to weird, unusual countries.

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