Valérie Janssens & Veerle Hellemans

Ads with positive impact claims: are they credible enough?

In 2023, Var and RMB conducted a study in collaboration with Bubka and Prof. Verleye from Ghent University to evaluate the credibility of advertising spots featuring positive impact claims. During this speech you will discover the significant findings from this data-driven analysis, providing unique insights into the distinctions and commonalities between Dutch and French perspectives.

Director of Development & Head of Market Intelligence
8 December
Stage "M"


In 2023 Var & RMB ran a study with Bubka and Prof Verleye from Ghent University in order to assess the credibility of advertising spots containing positive impact claims on their channels (VRT radios, RTBF radios, NRJ, LN Radio). We all know that credibility drives consideration. It is thus a major issue for both media and advertisers! In their speech Var and RMB, will highlight the major learnings of this science-based analysis with unprecedent insights on similarities/differences between the NL and FR perspectives.



Valérie is a lawyer, but she caught the media virus early in her career. Now Director of Media, Data & Tech at RMB, she reconciles her vision of a more sustainable advertising ecosystem with her passion for innovation and technology. Convinced that the advertising network can help accelerate the transition, she was curious to understand how credible radio ads could influence sustainable consumption.

Veerle is a researcher, passionate about understanding human behavior. This curiosity led her into the world of marketing and media. Now working for Var, she was intrigued by the methodology of Bubka that identifies the credibility drivers of positive impact claims and applied this model on radio ads in the North.