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About Yasmin

CEO & Founder
Yasmin Vantuykom is the founder & CEO of Efluenz, a successful influencer marketing agency that in 3 years outgrew the start up status and became one of the biggest players in the Belgian and French markets. 
Yasmin holds two Master degrees, in commercial engineering and financial risk management. After working  5 years as a Senior Consultant at Deloitte and Marketing and Sales consultant at Hedera Consulting, Yasmin decided to continue her career path as an independent social media expert owning her personal brand #YVSoMe. To this day #YVSoMe helps business owners to increase & to manage their social media presence, to develop campaigns, and to increase engagement online. 
Next to that, Yasmin founded Efluenz in the startup incubator Startup Factory. Today she owns a company that has a partnership with one of the biggest advertising companies in Belgium - Rossel Advertising, leads a team of 12 people, and little by little takes over the French influencer market.