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The impact of the digital revolution on everyone of us

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"We don't live in Belgium nor in Flanders any more. We all live in Digitalis, a new country with 4 billion inhabitants, all connected to each other thanks to the internet. With the Covid crisis, Digitalis won 10 years in 10 months, but what is the impact on us all? How will AI and ambient computing change our lives? And how will companies adapt to this new reality? How will marketing be meaningful and efficient in a digital-first world?"


Thierry Geerts is Country Director of Google Belgium-Luxembourg since 2011, and as such he is positioned in the heart of the digital revolution, marketing and innovative entrepreneurship. 

He graduated as Solvay Business Engineer at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Before joining Google, he had several management and board positions at Corelio (now Mediahuis). 

He’s the author of “Digitalis, how to reinvent our world” and was nominated Media Personality of the year in 2019.


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